Project 365 – Day 140 Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek – a bit like the game the sun was playing.  Out one minute, lashing with rain and zero visibility the next!

Had a fun mini road trip today – collecting one SP and dropping another one off, with a stop for a sandwich and a cup of tea in the middle. Great company on the drive though – got to love putting the world to rights on the way up and down the motorway.

House back to normal now, toys everywhere and one very very tired SP finally sleeping in her own bed.  We told her not to get used to it though as road trip number 2 of the week starts tomorrow!
This road trip is a little longer so I will be digging out my notebook to make notes on the happenings as I won’t be posting any photos for a week or so.  I’m hoping to get my photographic mojo back, as I feel its a bit lacking over the last week or so. Maybe this is normal this far into a 365, I don’t know but it’s feeling like hard work.

I am however keeping my fingers crossed for some inspiring sunsets, and weird and wonderful photo subjects over the coming week.

See you soon……



Project 365 – Day 139 Queer as Folk

Actually not queer at all – just some entertainers at the Folk Festival in Warwick today.  Lots of dancers dressed up.  This lad caught my eye as he was merrily tapping away on his hat!

Lazy day today – housework followed by a late lunch of thai tapas, a walk round the festival and then a glass of vino in the sunshine.  Have you noticed something missing from the last few days?  The SP! The house is soooooo quiet, but luckily for us she comes home tomorrow.  Not only have we missed her loads but so has the cat – he’s been more or less camping out in her room!



Project 365 – Wedding

We spent the afternoon/evening at a friends wedding today – always interesting to be a non drinker when everyone around you is plastered! Luckily, the rain held off until the evening, although we got a tad wet watching the fireworks later on.

There were lots of disposable cameras on the tables but I thought I would use my own to take this one.

Only one more sleep before normality is restored!



Project 365 – Day 135 Light as a Feather

Different garden to take photos in today 😉

Evening sun, and a few stray feathers on the lawn, meant it was a fairly easy choice for the shot of the day.

Most of the day was spent in the car on the motorway so it was nice to be in the garden, g & t in hand, looking for the perfect photo opportunity.