Project 365 – Day 111 Leave it to the kids!

What a day.  Started with a brilliant group effort at the Race for life – mums, and kids, ranging in age from 4 to 41.  We all got round, in one piece and had great fun in the process, raising lots of money along the way.

Then it was onto the next event – a post race BBQ. Good friends, sunshine, good food, beer and wine, and for the kids a water slide.  Or it was supposed to be for the kids……… todays photo shows how not to do it!  The culprit was lucky not to break something, although he did give his spectators a good laugh.

Back in time for the new series of Top Gear – always a good watch.



Day 110 – Tennis by Another Name

Oh what fun has been had after a few beers with a very competitive game of swing ball. Not today obviously, many moons ago before there were any SP’s about.

I thought this would fit nicely with the whole Wimbledon thing this week.  I spent a good hour or so shouting at the tv this afternoon whilst watching Laura Robson come back and win her match.  Then it was off for a game of swing ball in the garden.  Good for tennis practice for the SP!

Race for Life tomorrow – gearing up for the big day with a glass of white wine! Don’t panic, I’m not running it.  There’s a whole group of us mums doing it with our girls – should make for a fun morning out.

Best get limbering up…..



Day 109 – Evening

After a day of almost non stop rain, therefore putting a stop to activity day at school, I took this late on.  I thought it would make a change from taking close up shots of the flowers – why not go for a full on garden shot!

As the aforementioned activity day was postponed, I spent a lovely morning with a class full of SP’s playing with the B’bots.  Lots of fun.

Oh and I almost forgot…… the most hideous wobbly tooth is finally out!!!  A very exciting event as it’s our first. There’s an awful lot of people who will be thanking their lucky stars they aren’t getting a tooth wobbled at them on Monday morning.


Project 365 – Day 108 Housework

ok, ok, not the best shot I have ever taken but it completely sums up my day today.  Today I have definitely put the “house” in housewife! Apart from about half an hour taking some photos for the local playschool I have spent the day, duster in hand, making everything clean and lovely again.  I even did the ironing – unheard of midweek but I have plans for Sunday so I know it won’t get done in it’s usual timeslot.

I did take a break after lunch, but only to address some invoice issues and filing for my lovely husband.

It’s the activity day at school tomorrow – or it’s supposed to be.  I may send the SP in her wellies as it’s been raining for hours.

That’s your lot tonight – I’m off for a glass of vino and to find some rubbish to watch on telly!


Project 365 – Day 107 Macro Rose

Once again I was caught up in the tennis today – not in person, just on TV, hence all my jobs took a back seat, as did taking the photo for today.  Rushed into the garden for a second quick practice with my macro lens.

Big day at school today – the SP found out her new teacher(s) for next year – really pleased with the result – roll on September – she’s already referring to herself as being in Year 2! 

On to the Apprentice now – I’m a bit embarrassed for them already tonight and it’s not even half way in!


Project 365 – Day 106 Quiet Please, Players Are Ready

Wow what a day.  I finally fulfilled a lifelong ambition to spend a day at Wimbledon, Centre Court no less.  I can’t even begin to explain how excited I was!  All courtesy of a friend who had tickets to go with her husband, but she couldn’t make it – so a huge thank you to the friend in question for letting me go in her place.

Where do I start – kid in a sweet shop springs to mind – so much to look at, flowers, strawberries, Pimms, oh and of course tennis!  I was amazed at how close you can get to the action on loads of the courts, but was very pleased I took my zoom lens for the centre court action.  

Pimms opened, picnic on the go, cue Serena Williams.  Typical game really, flew through to the next round.  Then it was onto the next match, with a little stroll round the grounds mid game, where we happened upon a sign for free strawberries and cream if you were with a certain bank – result!! They were delicious.

I could go on, but I won’t bore you all senseless!  Saw some great tennis and all in all, bar a little stationary traffic on the M40, it was a brilliant day.  I’m certainly going to be putting in for the ballot for 2014.


Project 365 – Day 105 New Kit!!!

Hurray! My new lens arrived.  Shame I only had ten minutes to try it out then!  This was the best of the four shots I took.  Can you tell it’s a macro lens?  I’m hoping to get up close and personal with bugs and flowers and I’m also going to re-visit the butterfly farm in Stratford as soon as I have a minute.

I had lunch with a friend today – I haven’t seen her since August so it was so lovely to catch up!

Now that I have given up running it amused me tonight to get home to find the SP had “gone for a run” – obviously in readiness for her inaugural Race for Life on Sunday!