Project 365 – Day 200 Peas

Wow!!! 200 days, 200 photos.  Another milestone in my 365 project.

Lovely day today, soup making this morning, which was then enjoyed with a lovely friend at lunchtime, along with aImage visit from my favourite little fish feeder.  Always brings a smile to my face.

A spot of invoicing this afternoon (or rather catching up on invoices) and then chance to catch my breath while the SP and one of  her BFFs played nicely after school.

Rumour has it there’s a take-away on the cards for  the grown ups dinner this evening.  Hubby has again been working super hard all week – very proud of him. One man, taking on the used car market single-handedly!





Project 365 – Day 189 Moody Melon

Another busy day, another realisation that I haven’t yet taken my “shot of the day”.  Found this melon in the kitchen, so on went the macro lens and this was the result.  I like how the background is so dark against the fruit.

Early start today as I had a very early physic appointment.  Still feeling like an old woman most of the time, although it is getting easier as the weeks go by.  How I long for a decent nights sleep! If it’s not the pain keeping me awake it’s the geriatric cat wailing in the wee small hours. Yes, I’m pleased he is ok, but he does not need to tell us he is back from the great outdoors by wailing at the top of his voice!!


Project 365 – Day 173 Biscuits

Today my photography mojo was replaced by my baking mojo.

Day started badly after a 5.30 wake up – not by the SP – by the call of the golf course for hubby. Then off to swimming lesson for the SP.  Hers is the first time slot of the day – 4 lengths in and “everybody out” came the call.  Lots of confused children and parents round the pool.  Swimming cancelled due to a health and safety incident in the pool – most children go to the toilet before the swimming lesson………

Day ended with an impromptu sleepover – how could I resist two sets of begging eyes. So I knew the next day would be an early start too.

Managed to fit in the time to bake these biscuits – as soon as they were cool enough to eat they were gone!


Project 365 – Day 155 Juicy Fruit

Looks good enough to eat – so I did.

Yet another day, delivery coasters, making a whole load more, kitting out Big Foot with some new school shoes and trainers – thats 2 whole sizes bigger in one school year. Amazing how one shop can measure a completely different size and width fitting that another.  Moral of the story – trust my initial instinct and go with the usual trusted shop.  Hurrah for Clinkards.

Then onto more exciting things – a train ride to Birmingham and back, to collect some very important visitors. That all worked out perfectly which was good.

We even managed dinner out at the girls favourite chinese, and the extra visitors meant that we escaped having to read another chapter of what seems like the longest book in history at bedtime.

Roll on tomorrow.


Project 365 – Day 152 Strong Man

An early post today brings me right back up to date.  I’m switching off the laptop tonight and relaxing so wanted to get todays post in before then.

Another delivery to Number 37 this morning, then an impromptu afternoon to myself today.  Oh,yes, not to mention a letter from Buckingham Palace in the post………

Back to the photo – this little fellow found it very hard going pulling up the carrots in the garden today 😉


Project 365 – Day 147 Hard Work

Which today has been!  A very very early start, on account of wanting to beat the other 60,000 campers to the exit.  On the road by 6.15, after turfing the SP out of her bed, despite her only having had about 6 hours sleep.

Home with the washing, food shop to do and of course a coffee with a friend to fit in!

Soooooooo tired today.  Anyway, back to the photo, this wee chap found it hard work helping me put the shopping away this afternoon……