Project 365 – Day 72 Coffee

You just cant beat a nice cup of coffee.  I thought this machine would be a one week wonder to be honest, but six months on it’s still going strong and gets used every single day!

I liked the way all the pods were jumbled together in the box!

Right, the lull begins now – I will be back to bombard you with photos before you know it.



Project 365 – Day 70 Jump!

Yes, I purposely missed the SP’s head off this shot.  We have a rule that where possible we don’t put her photo in the public domain.

We had fun in the garden this afternoon after school, she offered to go and blow some bubbles so I could take some photos and then she went a bit bonkers on the trampoline with her skipping rope.

I spent lots of the day doing a stock take today too – at least I know exactly what cards and prints I have in stock now.

Oh and I made it to day 70.  I’m very impressed with my efforts so far, considering that last time I tried a 365 I only did 8 days before I lost interest.


Project 365 – Day 69 Daisy, Daisy

FINALLY! an outdoor photo.It’s been a long time coming.

Lovely and sunny this morning, so after a little 5k run round the block and the weekly food shop it was into the garden with the camera and the SP.  As usual it wasn’t long before the SP disappeared to a neighbours to play so at least I had time to concentrate on some shots.

I’m using this one for the last of my mini theme of creative photography. 

I’m also going to try and keep up to date this week with my posts, before there will be big lull, until I bombard you with a weeks posts all in one day!  Rest assured the photo a day will continue in my absence though.  More of that later in the week though.


Project 365 – Day 67 Kitchen Disco!

You just can’t beat a kitchen disco with a couple of 5/6 year olds and a spot of One Direction and Gangnam Style of a Friday afternoon.

We have again ended up with an extra SP tonight – currently singing nicely in bed – apparently it helps them get to sleep!!!!!

Today has been a good day.  Delivered the big print order I had delivered yesterday and the client was over the moon.  So am I!

Cue a glass or two of vino to celebrate.


Project 365 – Day 66 London Bus

I’m catching up from yesterday and I can’t actually remember what I did yesterday!  Must be my age.

Oh yes, I remember, my big print order arrived – took mw twenty minutes to pluck up courage to open it just in case they hadn’t turned out as planned.  Luckily they did – I was delighted.

I had a lovely evening too, catching up with an old work colleague and friend whilst she was in the area on business.  Always nice to have a catch up over dinner and glass of vino.