Project 365 – Day 201 Shopping

A day off today.  I spent the day in Birmingham with a good friend.  We had a lovely time, shopping, wine, lunch, champagne, all topped off with a chinese takeaway and wine in front of Strictly!

I took this on my phone as obviously didn’t take my camera shopping!!

My feet ached by bedtime!



Project 365 – Day 197 Incy Wincy Spider

I was actually trying to get some decent pics of the water dripping from the outdoor tap but failed miserably.  This spider was hanging around in his web just by the tap so he made just as good a subject.


Project 365 – Day 194 A Rare Portrait

Turned out nice again in the end. 

Very bleary eyed in our house this morning – in at 3.45, out again at 7.45.  Not me of course.  The lure of the greens was too strong to resist this morning.

Off to swimming for the SP – she gets more like a fish every week in that pool.  Then off for our weekly coffee/frothy milk/cake date in town.  The sun came out just as we all arrived at the park this afternoon, I even took my jumper off ti was that warm.

Finally managed to round up the troops to make a booking today too – hurrah!  I’m sure there will be much merriment, wine drinking and laughter……

I thought today’s portrait would get me in the swing of things for tomorrows job.  Another informal park shoot coming up.


Project 365 – Day 181 Reflection

Once our visitors had departed and we had done a spot of swimming we headed into town to the food festival. A real culinary delight.  After a tasty venison burger for lunch we met up with some friends and rested a moment or two at the beer tent.  SP borrowed my sunglasses and I spotted the reflection and thought it would make a cool photo subject.


Project 365 – Day 175 Bench

This was about as inspired as I could get today – my mojo seems to have upped and left again.  Last day of the school holidays today, so a last minute dash to the park and a last minute playdate with the SP’s best friend.

All ready for the big day tomorrow, although given her way, the SP wouldn’t have had any time off in the summer, that’s how much she loves going to school!


Project 365 – Day 174 Towels

another uninspired choice of shot today – although I did try and make it look slightly more interesting.

Phew, busy day – picked up our new wheels this morning, then hubby spent most of the day buying and moving more wheels.  Day finished with an impromptu bbq at a friends.  Lovely way to end the school holidays.  Kids even managed to get into their swimmers and play on the water slide.  Almost an injury at the end after some wall jumping ended  with a collision with a brick for one adult, but no visible injuries so all is good.

Finally managed to find time to catch up on my posts, so once again I am up to date.  

I am now going to put my feet up (metaphorically speaking as am not actually sitting on my own sofa) and relax for the rest of the evening.