Project 365 – Day 18 Is That A Flower I See?

Fed up as I am waiting for the signs of spring, I thought I would cheer myself up earlier in the week by investing in a bunch of flowers.  Even they have taken an age to open, but finally one has emerged so I thought I would take a photo whilst I could.

Blooming freezing still, it doesn’t bode well for a spot of Easter Motorhoming.

Really looking forward to a few days away though, lots of fresh air and cycling, and family time (and photo opportunities).

Happy Easter.




Project 365 – Day 17 Book Club

Book Club night tonight which gave me the idea for today’s image. Everyone has read the book this time around, and after some hasty rearranging the venue is set and the wine is chilling.

The glasses are a sign of age – a recent necessity, but quite how I managed without them I’m not quite sure. If only I could remember to wear them.

I had a new experience today – I actually drove a real live motorhome, on a real live road. A bit scary but got home in one piece – not sure the other vehicles on the road were too impressed by my 35-40 mph but hey, who cares. Couldn’t park it on the drive though – reversing it is just a step too far at the moment. If I set off today, who knows where I would end up by just going straight on!


Project 365 – Day 16 Anyone for a Picnic?

And picnic we did.  Two grown adults and 3 small people, eating our sandwiches on a bench surrounded by snow and ice.  Best comment of the day – “I wish it was Spring”.  Which of course it is.

I had some great photo opportunities today, none of which are really food related, despite that being my theme for the week, but hey – at last some pics that weren’t taken in the house or my own garden.

I couldn’t decide which one to have as my shot of the day so I am posting a selection.  Although, for the purposes of the Project, the single icicle will be the one that goes on file.

The coffee and cake which rounded off the day was well deserved I think.

We will be returning to the same venue (Batsford Arboretum) at a warmer time so it will be interesting to take some shots from the same locations within the grounds.

For the follower who was eagerly awaiting todays blog – hope it was worth the wait 😉


Project 365 – Day 15 Steady Hand Required

On to a foodie pic for today’s image.

Not one but two small people in the house today, who spent ages cutting out the shortbread dough, and then waited very patiently for the finally product to cool enough to be able to decorate them. They say every picture tells a story – well what this picture doesn’t tell is that on the end of the icing tube was a small hand, with peeling bright pink nail varnish, with pen marks all over it.  Rest assured that the hands were essentially clean though.

The biscuits actually tasted nice too, and have almost all gone.

Hoping for some good images tomorrow as taking a trip to the great outdoors, weather permitting, so tonight will be spent making a packed lunch and hoping and praying there is somewhere warm to eat it.  Otherwise I have been assured there is a cafe on site which I’m sure will prove useful.

Back up to speed now with posting the blogs on the right day so long may this continue…..


Project 365 – Day 14 Run run, as fast as you can…

Day 14 – I think the second week went more quickly than the first week!

On the way back from Sunday’s wedding, weaving our way through the narrow forest lanes and out popped this little fellow.  Grabbed the shot as quickly as I could, from the warmth and comfort of the car, hence the slightly poor quality. 

Changing the subject, I saw an item on the news yesterday that a school in Essex has banned triangular shaped flapjacks from its menu after a pupil was injured in a food fight….. surely the emphasis should have been on the fight and not the shape of the weapon? I actually thought it was an early April fool.

Off now to take the image for Day 15.  I might even get it posted on the right day today…..


Project 365 – Day 13 The Boudoir

This was taken at the castle we were staying at for a friends wedding.  All the rooms had really cool names but really pleased we got this one!  Wasn’t exactly typical boudoir colours – more yellow and floral but lovely all the same.  This was the first wedding we have been to with a small person in tow for the whole day but we all had a blast.  

Castles aren’t known for their warmth and this one didn’t disappoint.

Back to normality today and the start of the Easter holidays! Best get on with taking today’s photo!!



Project 365 – Day 12 Abstract

Abstract is just about how I feel. 

Today has been summed up with the following…… snow, swimming, shopping, pink, coffee, cleaning, snowballs, wine, all day breakfast, crying, laughing, camera.

It’s up to you what order you want to put them in!!

Safe to say it was a great day and I probably need the assistance of the photo if I am to stay up past 9pm.

I won’t be posting tomorrow so you will have to wait until day 14 to get day 13’s photo.

Ciao. x