So it’s been a while…..

……..since I remembered I actually had a blog. About three years in fact.  What has happened in the meantime? Not a great deal on the surface but 2017 is going to be a big year in terms of personal achievement so what better way of documenting it.

My ultimate goal remains the same – to become a recognised photographer.  There, I’ve said it out loud.  No idea how I am going to achieve this but it seems like a reasonable goal to have.

So I thought I would start by using my 365 project (year 2, for those who are interested), to give me a helping hand.  I plan on using the blog to explain how I created some of the shots, as I it always amazes me that photos can look amazing, yet are created with some dodgy home made set up, usually in the kitchen right before I do the school run.

Actually off to do the school run now so I will have to get back to you with my first “real” post…….




Project 365 – Day 204 Money Money Money

What a load of old coins! 

A very rewarding day today.  First a hopefully worthwhile chat with someone to help one of my best friends, then in the afternoon i ventured back into school as a parent helper.  A whole new class of 4/5 year olds to meet.  Painting was the order of the day today – I must remember to take my apron next week!  There was a lovely moment when one of the children who generally doesn’t say a word in the classroom actually managed to tell me their name, and also which animal they were going to paint.  For me that’s the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile – worth swapping an office job for any day of the week.  I still couldn’t be a teacher though.  

Extra SP’s after school today too, much laughter as usual.  Our SP is sooo tired in the evenings. there are so many after school activities that she is trying that she is pretty much wiped out by bedtime – a nice peaceful evening for the grown ups though!


Project 365 – Day 194 A Rare Portrait

Turned out nice again in the end. 

Very bleary eyed in our house this morning – in at 3.45, out again at 7.45.  Not me of course.  The lure of the greens was too strong to resist this morning.

Off to swimming for the SP – she gets more like a fish every week in that pool.  Then off for our weekly coffee/frothy milk/cake date in town.  The sun came out just as we all arrived at the park this afternoon, I even took my jumper off ti was that warm.

Finally managed to round up the troops to make a booking today too – hurrah!  I’m sure there will be much merriment, wine drinking and laughter……

I thought today’s portrait would get me in the swing of things for tomorrows job.  Another informal park shoot coming up.


Project 365 – Day 182 Button It!

Buttons have featured very heavily in today’s activities, as well as the usual, more mundane Monday jobs. i have been doing “button art”.  I’m framing letters and shapes, all made out of buttons.  It’s very therapeutic. I also made some “scrabble art” aswell as some coasters so it has indeed been a very busy day. Thank goodness for slow cookers so at least the dinner more or less took care of itself. Did I mention I finally managed to complete the level in Candy Crush I have been stuck on for ages too?? Phew!!!

Autumn appears to have arrived today too.  I’ve been freezing most of the day, which can only mean one thing. I need to go into the loft to retrieve all my long sleeved clothes and put away all my summer kit.  Quite looking forward to being reunited with my winter boots though.

Tomorrow will see me hit 50% of the way through this project – a massive achievement I think.  

Oh, and I got wind of another business opportunity today, thanks to a very lovely friend and neighbour, so I will hopefully be able to report back something positive on that soon.



Project 365 – Day 181 Reflection

Once our visitors had departed and we had done a spot of swimming we headed into town to the food festival. A real culinary delight.  After a tasty venison burger for lunch we met up with some friends and rested a moment or two at the beer tent.  SP borrowed my sunglasses and I spotted the reflection and thought it would make a cool photo subject.


Project 365 – Day 175 Bench

This was about as inspired as I could get today – my mojo seems to have upped and left again.  Last day of the school holidays today, so a last minute dash to the park and a last minute playdate with the SP’s best friend.

All ready for the big day tomorrow, although given her way, the SP wouldn’t have had any time off in the summer, that’s how much she loves going to school!