Project 365 – Day 50 Who Am I?

Wow!!! Day 50.  A mini milestone in the long slog that is a project 365!

So who am I?  A question I have been asking myself a lot recently.  Today, and all before 4pm I was…… mum, cleaner, photographer, accountant, secretary, driver, seller! I was trying to find a hat I could photograph but I thought this one was a little bit different.

There are those who say that people who don’t “go out to work” have a life of riley, sitting down all day, watching This Morning and drinking coffee. I beg to differ.  I wouldn’t change my life for the world but sometimes I would like half an hour just to be “me”.

Tomorrow I am going to be a car collection agent and have to go on a train and everything.  My Kindle is charged up so at least I should get the book club book read on the train.  I will also get the chance to see one of my very best friends, whom I haven’t seen for almost two years so I am very excited about that.  More of that tomorrow though.




Project 365 – Day 49 Lovely Lily

Day 49 was another busy day.  Photography filled which is always lovely, I was doing a photoshoot at a local school so i just had to try and blend into the background and pretend I wasn’t there – difficult when lots of the children know me and were trying to pose and show me their best smiles!  300 shots later I think I got some good ones!

So, I chose not to use one of the 300 as my photo of the day.  Instead I thought I would choose a lovely lily.  This is a new plant for the garden, bought for us by my mum.  The colours are beautiful and Lily is my favourite flower.



Project 365 – Day 48 To Market, To Market

To market, to market we mustn’t be late……… (words from a book we used to read to the SP).

Morning after the night before and it dawned relatively sunny, and with no obvious after effects, which is always a welcome bonus.

After I had battled through the traffic to the supermarket (20 minutes to do about 3 miles – due to the annual horsefair being on in the next town – although it made for interesting people watching while I was stationary, we had lunch then went to feed the ducks in Stratford – upon- Avon.

Waste of bread as we were clearly too late and the ducks were just not hungry. So we wandered through the market, where I actually managed to get a few good shots. A couple of chutney purchases later and we popped into a local hostelry for some liquid refreshment before returning home.

Instead of the housework the SP and I made some really yummy cakes which is way more fun than dusting!

Another big day tomorrow – taking some photos that will hopefully be on show for years to come (so I hope they turn out right!)


Project 365 – Day 47 – Girls Night Out

Playing catch up from yesterday, but rest assured I did take a photo yesterday.  I almost had to resort to a pic from my phone but remembered in the nick of time, just as I was getting ready for a girls night out, that I hadn’t taken a shot.

Yes, it was a rushed photo, but it also was in keeping with the days events.

A girls night out – a rare thing indeed, especially one that starts before 6pm, thereby avoiding any bedtime traumas of SP’s etc. A lovely evening was had by all – fizz, food, cocktails (just the one – the kitty was severely depleted after that one!), and wine – what more can a girl ask for on a Saturday night.

Home before midnight with enough in the kitty for the taxi home too.

So that was day 47 – I will move on to day 48 shortly.


Project 365 – Day 46 Time for A Drink?

Hurrah, it’s Friday!  Definitely time for drink.

I’m so glad it’s the weekend, it’s been a busy week. Lots accomplished though which is very good.  I’ve also got much more to accomplish before my “Things to do” list is completed, but that can wait til at least Sunday.

I had a lovely morning in school today, a very small person asked me if he could read a book to me – which he duly did.  So rewarding! Then on to my other job, chief driver, accounts person and general dogsbody – I even had to eat lunch whilst en route from a to b today.

Dinner’s almost ready so I’m going to sign off, turn the computer off and get ready for Masterchef on the telly!


Project 365 – Day 45 Exactly What It Says on The Tin

Phew – what a busy one.  Over 200 photos to edit (almost done), new photos to produce, cards to get ordered, invoices to do.  Thank goodness the SP was going to a friends after school to give me more time.

I’ve been creating some new scrabble letter images so while the box was out I thought I would use it for todays shot.

I haven’t left the house much today apart from to hang the washing out, and I was going to try and fit a run in.  However, sitting at the computer all day meant my knee was feeling the pain so I will have to try and go another day.

Almost the weekend – there might be a slight delay in posting, although I will still be taking a photo every day.

Roll on Saturday afternoon at approx 4.30.