Project 365 – Day 203 Another spider

loads of these things around the house – I might test the theory that they don’t like conkers, given that we have so many of the little brown things in our collection.

I’m aware that I haven’t been writing much on my blog lately – by the time I have uploaded my pics to the laptop, then onto the dedicated 365 site, then onto Tumblr if it’s to do with college, I just can’t be bothered to come on here and write somemore.  I am still busy taking photos though…..




Project 365 – Day 178 Ladybird

_DSC2473I haven’t seen this type before! Spotted in the garden whilst I was tidying up.  I love how shiny it is and you can see the reflection on it.

Phew, a busy day today.  Business meeting went very well and have booked in a new client for some website photos next week :-).  Then the banking for our main business, food shop (accompanied by usual chance meeting of a friend in the bread aisle). Oh and a massive delivery of new cards and coasters to Number 37.  A spot of housework later, school pick-up, getting the meat marinaded for tomorrow’s dinner and finally time to sit down. Who needs a full time job?  I have about 3!!!

The day was brightened considerably by a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from my lovely husband (accompanied as usual by a single Gerbera for the SP).

Project 365 – Day 169 Dragonfly

Fab trip to Ryton Pools today with a best friend and one of her SP’s.  Really wish this dragonfly had been closer so I could have used my macro lens, but sadly it was not to be.

My ultimate quest to photograph a Kingfisher goes on……

On to the evening and a delicious Tapas meal out in Warwick in Catalan.  Gorgeous food, lovely setting and I can confirm that the Churros for pudding were yummy.  The chorizo in red wine was possibly the best chorizo I have ever tasted!


Project 365 – Day 162 Getting Closer

Not too shabby a photo for one who’s allergic to wasps!! 

The SP likes to stand on her trampoline pointing out all the possible photo subject for me in the evening.

Not much to report today really, cleaning and sorting while the SP did another massive bike ride and some kayaking for good measure. Building up that stamina – she just needs to get up to speed (get it??) withe her running then we could enter her for a triathlon! (I know one of my potential audience could be her trainer).

Lovely slow cooked curry for tea, a quick tidy up so that at 8pm I can put my feet up ready for the marvel that is the Great British Bake Off!  There goes my Tuesday nights for the foreseeable future!


Project 365 – Day 158 Lunchtime for Bees

Took me ages to get the right focus for today’s shot.  So many bees and wasps feeding on just the one flower in the garden.  I’m not a fan, but am willing to suffer for my art so managed to get up close and personal enough to take the photos.  I was pleased with the result though.  They were absolutely covered in pollen, i’ve never really looked that close before, it was fascinating to watch.