Project 365 – Day 199 Cake

Made these this afternoon as a little treat……



Project 365 – Day 22 Loafin’ Around

Finally a day at home today.  I noticed some overripe bananas in the fruit bowl, so it looked like banana loaf was on the menu.  So easy to make and so delicious to eat!

We’ve had a house guest all day today – of the small person variety, which has turned into an allnighter –  nothing like an impromptu sleepover when you are only 6.  

Beautiful weather outside – I should have been out and about, but as it’s set fair most of the week I can take advantage another day.

Off to put my feet up and hope that the peace and quiet that is reigning upstairs will carry on 😉



Project 365 – Day 12 Abstract

Abstract is just about how I feel. 

Today has been summed up with the following…… snow, swimming, shopping, pink, coffee, cleaning, snowballs, wine, all day breakfast, crying, laughing, camera.

It’s up to you what order you want to put them in!!

Safe to say it was a great day and I probably need the assistance of the photo if I am to stay up past 9pm.

I won’t be posting tomorrow so you will have to wait until day 14 to get day 13’s photo.

Ciao. x