Project 365 – Day 199 Cake

Made these this afternoon as a little treat……



Project 365 – Day 173 Biscuits

Today my photography mojo was replaced by my baking mojo.

Day started badly after a 5.30 wake up – not by the SP – by the call of the golf course for hubby. Then off to swimming lesson for the SP.  Hers is the first time slot of the day – 4 lengths in and “everybody out” came the call.  Lots of confused children and parents round the pool.  Swimming cancelled due to a health and safety incident in the pool – most children go to the toilet before the swimming lesson………

Day ended with an impromptu sleepover – how could I resist two sets of begging eyes. So I knew the next day would be an early start too.

Managed to fit in the time to bake these biscuits – as soon as they were cool enough to eat they were gone!


Project 365 – Day 22 Loafin’ Around

Finally a day at home today.  I noticed some overripe bananas in the fruit bowl, so it looked like banana loaf was on the menu.  So easy to make and so delicious to eat!

We’ve had a house guest all day today – of the small person variety, which has turned into an allnighter –  nothing like an impromptu sleepover when you are only 6.  

Beautiful weather outside – I should have been out and about, but as it’s set fair most of the week I can take advantage another day.

Off to put my feet up and hope that the peace and quiet that is reigning upstairs will carry on 😉