Project 365 – Day 198 Kit

My photo kit (some of it), in a bag.  That is all.  Wednesday night is college night.  Really enjoyed it tonight – we were in the dark room developing a roll of film we shot the week before.  I have never done that before so it was really interesting.  I even managed to get a couple of images from the film, which I didn’t think I had done as I found the manual film camera challenging to say the least.



Project 365 – Day 197 Incy Wincy Spider

I was actually trying to get some decent pics of the water dripping from the outdoor tap but failed miserably.  This spider was hanging around in his web just by the tap so he made just as good a subject.


Project 365 – Day 194 A Rare Portrait

Turned out nice again in the end. 

Very bleary eyed in our house this morning – in at 3.45, out again at 7.45.  Not me of course.  The lure of the greens was too strong to resist this morning.

Off to swimming for the SP – she gets more like a fish every week in that pool.  Then off for our weekly coffee/frothy milk/cake date in town.  The sun came out just as we all arrived at the park this afternoon, I even took my jumper off ti was that warm.

Finally managed to round up the troops to make a booking today too – hurrah!  I’m sure there will be much merriment, wine drinking and laughter……

I thought today’s portrait would get me in the swing of things for tomorrows job.  Another informal park shoot coming up.


Project 365 – Day 193 Goggle Eyes

I wanted to take this one yesterday but it took me a while to locate the marbles…….

Great day today – met the bride to be for a chat about wedding photos – I’m very excited but also a bit nervous – really looking forward to it and as we both like the same style of photography then I’m sure it will be a success.

Taking a bit more control over things this week which is making me feel much better, still after that elusive good nights sleep – or even a pain free walk to school and back – I’m sure it will come in time, maybe a couple of glasses of red wine this evening will help a bit?

More photography planned for this weekend so it’s handy it will be a bit warmer.

Happy Weekend folks..


Project 365 – Day 192 Giant Attack

A day of all weathers today – cold, rain and then lovely sunshine.  Roll on the warmer weather that is promised for the weekend. I had a very productive day today – I took heed of the newsletter from school and started thinking about the impending Castle themed dress up day – it’s a corker! Yet another trip to hobbycraft for some materials, a spot of banking for the family business and then back home to take photos of jellytots. Such and exciting life I lead. I was determined to take a more interesting photo today than I have done of late, so when I spotted Big Ben lurking in the playroom I decided it was high time the mini studio came out so that I could get a nice clean background with a well lit subject. It’s book club tonight, although sadly I am unable to make it.  Well, I have got to let hubby out every now and again…