So it’s been a while…..

……..since I remembered I actually had a blog. About three years in fact.  What has happened in the meantime? Not a great deal on the surface but 2017 is going to be a big year in terms of personal achievement so what better way of documenting it.

My ultimate goal remains the same – to become a recognised photographer.  There, I’ve said it out loud.  No idea how I am going to achieve this but it seems like a reasonable goal to have.

So I thought I would start by using my 365 project (year 2, for those who are interested), to give me a helping hand.  I plan on using the blog to explain how I created some of the shots, as I it always amazes me that photos can look amazing, yet are created with some dodgy home made set up, usually in the kitchen right before I do the school run.

Actually off to do the school run now so I will have to get back to you with my first “real” post…….