Project 365 – Day 194 A Rare Portrait

Turned out nice again in the end. 

Very bleary eyed in our house this morning – in at 3.45, out again at 7.45.  Not me of course.  The lure of the greens was too strong to resist this morning.

Off to swimming for the SP – she gets more like a fish every week in that pool.  Then off for our weekly coffee/frothy milk/cake date in town.  The sun came out just as we all arrived at the park this afternoon, I even took my jumper off ti was that warm.

Finally managed to round up the troops to make a booking today too – hurrah!  I’m sure there will be much merriment, wine drinking and laughter……

I thought today’s portrait would get me in the swing of things for tomorrows job.  Another informal park shoot coming up.


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