Project 365 – Day 182 Button It!

Buttons have featured very heavily in today’s activities, as well as the usual, more mundane Monday jobs. i have been doing “button art”.  I’m framing letters and shapes, all made out of buttons.  It’s very therapeutic. I also made some “scrabble art” aswell as some coasters so it has indeed been a very busy day. Thank goodness for slow cookers so at least the dinner more or less took care of itself. Did I mention I finally managed to complete the level in Candy Crush I have been stuck on for ages too?? Phew!!!

Autumn appears to have arrived today too.  I’ve been freezing most of the day, which can only mean one thing. I need to go into the loft to retrieve all my long sleeved clothes and put away all my summer kit.  Quite looking forward to being reunited with my winter boots though.

Tomorrow will see me hit 50% of the way through this project – a massive achievement I think.  

Oh, and I got wind of another business opportunity today, thanks to a very lovely friend and neighbour, so I will hopefully be able to report back something positive on that soon.



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