Project 365 – Day 129 St Johns, Warwick

Finally, I managed to take this shot with the house in sunshine – or almost sunshine, becuase as soon as I took the lens cap off, the sun went behind the only cloud we have virtually seen for a week! It is still a better shot than the others of the same location.

End of year assembly at school today, quite an emotional affair, especially when the Yr children started singing their leaving song.  Nice to be thanked for the hard work of the PTA though – it is hard work, although lots of fun too. I was also given a gift from the class I have been helping out it – not needed but much appreciated.  I love going in to the class to help out and I have been lucky enough to see first hand how some of the children have grown emotionally and also in terms of their ability since September. So lovely to see. I can’t wait to go back in September and do it all again with a new class.

Then it was off to Warwick to deliver some keyrings I had made, and also to take this shot.

Had a few glasses of red in the evening with a friend, before I wobbled home on my bike!



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