Project 365 – Day 122 Warwick Castle

I love this place!  It’s got to be one of my all time favourtie places to visit, and so lucky that it’s on the doorstep.  I actually took this to update my portfolio of Warwick photos, so I have a range of seasons in the images.  I had a few more on my hit list – however I need to go back late afternoon instead of the morning as the sun was in completely the wrong place!

I also took a mega delivery to the shop – I’m thinking of applying for a parking permit – it would save me a fortune on parking!

It was Art Day at school today too – culminating in a gallery evening.  It was fabulous.  Each class had done their version of Bathers at Asnieres (George Seurat) aswell as an individual piece of art.  There were also different workshops to do on the night.  The children has obviously been working very hard.

oh, and today I reached 33% of this project.  Very proud of myself!



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