Project 365 – Day 89 To Market to Market

We had a brilliant day today.  We were in London before 10am, ready for a matinee performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  First stop was south of the river at the request of the SP.  She wanted to see the Globe Theatre as they are learning all about Shakespeare at school – what a cultured 6 year old we have!  Ont he way to the Globe we happened across Borough Market.  Fantastic place.  Loads of sounds, sights, colours to see, not to mention food to taste.  The market gave me the inspiration for the photo of the day.

I’ve definitly decided that black and white is a big favourite of mine.

After the market it was off to Covent Garden for a spot of street theatre.  After the main event we returned to Covent Garden to be confronted with the sight of about 100 naked cyclists! None of us quite knew where to look!  Not your everyday occurrence I’m sure.  

Anyway, the show was excellent, so glad we booked all those months ago.



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