Project 365 – Day 85 Splash

I took inspiration from a project in the magazine I subscribe to – Digital SLR Magazine.  I know the focus is in the wrong place and I intend to practise the technique more to get it right.  It’s very difficult to focus, keep the camera steady, and drop the fruit all at the same time.  I need an assistant. I also needed a few cloths to mop up all the milk on the kitchen worktop.

I took another delivery of Coasters into the shop today – and by the end of play I have an order for another 6.  I actually ran out of coasters this morning, which means that a gift someone is waiting on will take a couple of days longer to prepare.

Trying to think of a suitable location for tomorrow’s photo – might try and get out and about somewhere.  In the meantime I am off to drink a couple of glasses of wine with a friend. 



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