Project 365 – Day 84 Keep out

What a beautiful day.  After a morning spent uploading and updating my blog, I took myself off to the local country park, primarily to try and catch the end of the bluebells in the wood, but also just to see what else was out there beyond the word of our back garden.

A fellow visitor noticed my camera and told me about some cygnets that were on the lake, so i headed to the bird hide…… only to find them on completely the opposite end of the lake to me. 

It was really lovely, just wandering around in the sun, just me and my camera.  I saw this barbed wire and thought it would make a cool shot, especially in mono.  I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I took lots of other shots of various plants and things, which has only increased my desire to get a decent macro lens for super close ups. I also made a note to self to take my tripod – I haven’t got the steadiest hands in the world, which combined with a light breeze can make things tricky.

I hope you like it…..




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