Project 365 – Day 51 Scarecrow

I joined the commuters this morning.  Early train to London with the suits.  Chance to relax with a coffee and my kindle for an hour before I had to steel myself for the hell that is the London Underground at 8.30 on a Wednesday morning.  I love the fact that I didn’t even have to check the tube maps to get across town. Knew exactly which lines and where to change.  Old habits die hard.

Then it was on to Essex – where lots of unwelcome memories flooded in, until I got to my lovely friends house of course.  There, a hot cup of tea and a homemade chocolate brownie awaited.  Lunch and a meeting with the chickens and of course Mr Scarecrow (handmade by my friend), before it was off back down the hideous A12 and back to the land of happiness!

I’m looking forward to a well deserved glass of vino or two tonight.

Oh, and our holiday tickets arrived today!


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