Project 365 – Day 48 To Market, To Market

To market, to market we mustn’t be late……… (words from a book we used to read to the SP).

Morning after the night before and it dawned relatively sunny, and with no obvious after effects, which is always a welcome bonus.

After I had battled through the traffic to the supermarket (20 minutes to do about 3 miles – due to the annual horsefair being on in the next town – although it made for interesting people watching while I was stationary, we had lunch then went to feed the ducks in Stratford – upon- Avon.

Waste of bread as we were clearly too late and the ducks were just not hungry. So we wandered through the market, where I actually managed to get a few good shots. A couple of chutney purchases later and we popped into a local hostelry for some liquid refreshment before returning home.

Instead of the housework the SP and I made some really yummy cakes which is way more fun than dusting!

Another big day tomorrow – taking some photos that will hopefully be on show for years to come (so I hope they turn out right!)



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