Project 365 – Day 38 It’s In The Bag

Quite literally.

Great texture on hand this morning for today’s shot! Completely as it was shot – no editing necesary.

Blimey it’s been a bit breezy today!  A great washing drying day – although I didn’t notice it had started raining so all the freshly dried washing was wet and had to be tumble-dried after all!

I spent the afternoon with 30 small people today, lots of fun.  Then we had an extra one after school and much merriment ensued.  Glad of half an hours peace now before our SP (Small Person) returns.  How long to you think it will take before the telly goes on when she walks through the door.  I’ve tried explaining that “in our day” there were only 3 channels to choose from and that kids tv was only on for about an hour after school but I don’t think she believes me! These days it all about on demand, catch up, pause and rewind!

I’ve just realised that todays rambling has nothing to do with the subject of the photo, apart from maybe me feeling like an old bag?

Almost the weekend again – Yay!




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