Project 365 – Day 37 Driftwood

So, finally I get to start a new theme.  I’m keeping the suggested one up my sleeve for another week but I thought I would go for “texture” as a theme for now.

I swear my days are shorter than the normal day.  I haven’t actually had more than a 5 minute conversation with my other half since 6.30 this morning as we have both been busy doing what we do.  Even dinner was marred by a dental mishap on my part – mind the gap!

So onto my image.  Driftwood.  True, it’s very uniform, and in the form of a lamp table, but it is driftwood nevertheless.

I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve for the next few days too so this could be a good week.

I was asked yesterday what the point of my 365 is, and today’s daily prompt is “why do you blog”?  Well, for me it’s a personal journey and challenge.  I am using the blog to help me motivate myself to take a photo a day, not just because I can, but because I want to and to help me push my skills and creative thinking.  I’m also really enjoying the fact that I can ramble on about all sorts of inane things and people can read it it if they want, or just look at the photos.  By using a blog to go with my photos it gives me more of an incentive to keep it going.

This rambling is right up my street!



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