Project 365 – Day 34 Back to the Fruit Bowl

Sunday evening already – who stole the weekend?

As promised, I went back to the fruit bowl to take the shot I had planned for yesterday.  I had meant to take it this morning but got all overhwelmed by actually being able to hang my washing on the line I didn’t actually get round to taking it until this evening.

Another party for the small person today, honestly, I’m sure these kids are like the queen and have more than one birthday a year, it’s just a constant party fest! 

I did some good multitasking today – did the ironing, whilst also cleaning the oven – (I won’t let on that the oven has a special button to clean itself so I usually do it whilst enjoying a glass of wine, sitting on the sofa).

Onto another new week tomorrow – I think I have exhausted the fruit bowl for now so I need some more inspiration for a new mini theme……anyone???



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