Project 365 – Day 33 Proud as a Peacock

Yes, yes, I know it’s not a fruit.  I had a great idea for todays fruit but then we decided to take the small person to Warwick Castle this morning so I set myself a challenge to take a photo of one of the many peacocks, with it’s feathers on show.  There were loads milling around and then all of a sudden this fella showed his colours to a passing peahen.  She was not that impressed and walked away!

The Castle was fun, if a little breezy, but got lots of pics so worth going.

We left the house at 8.50 this morning and what with swimming, castle, lunch out and work we didn’t get home til nearly 5.  I nearly didn’t make lunch, as on parking the car I was just about to get out of the passenger side when some idiot pulled up next to us in his shiny Jaguar, so close I couldn’t open my door, even though he could see me sitting there! 

Golf still on – going to try it in 3D tonight to see if it makes things more exciting.

Anyway, back to fruit tomorrow……


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