Project 365 – Day 20 A Hill Too Far

Day two of the Easter camping trip saw us awake from a toasty warm nights sleep, ready for a good day ahead.

Late breakfast of sausage and scrambled eggs, quick Easter Egg hunt, several trips to the shop unaccompanied for the small person (she was very pleased to be allowed to go on her own), then we saddled up ready for a cycle ride.

We took the unscenic road route to Symonds Yat Rock – mainly down hill so I wasn’t looking forward to the ride back.  It was a beautiful day, loads of sunshine.  Fabulous views from the rock, including that of a Peregrine Falcon (pointed out by some very helpful RSPB volunteers with their binoculars.) Quick stop for an ice lolly (small person) and a hot chocolate (mum and dad) and we were ready for the trip back.  Fortunatly we had bumped into a family from the same campsite who told us about the other route back – through the forest straight to the campsite gate.

This was much more scenic, and flat, apart from one massive hill, which was too much for me and the small person, so we pushed our bikes up.  

Back to the site to read the papers and play on the swings, lovely tea then a family game of Monopoly, carried on from the previous night.  I was bankrupt after about 5 minutes!

So, thats me caught up with the last two days but actually haven’t taken todays picture yet.  Back home now though so it will be slightly more mundane than this weekends efforts……



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