Project 365 – Day 16 Anyone for a Picnic?

And picnic we did.  Two grown adults and 3 small people, eating our sandwiches on a bench surrounded by snow and ice.  Best comment of the day – “I wish it was Spring”.  Which of course it is.

I had some great photo opportunities today, none of which are really food related, despite that being my theme for the week, but hey – at last some pics that weren’t taken in the house or my own garden.

I couldn’t decide which one to have as my shot of the day so I am posting a selection.  Although, for the purposes of the Project, the single icicle will be the one that goes on file.

The coffee and cake which rounded off the day was well deserved I think.

We will be returning to the same venue (Batsford Arboretum) at a warmer time so it will be interesting to take some shots from the same locations within the grounds.

For the follower who was eagerly awaiting todays blog – hope it was worth the wait 😉



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