Project 365 – Day 15 Steady Hand Required

On to a foodie pic for today’s image.

Not one but two small people in the house today, who spent ages cutting out the shortbread dough, and then waited very patiently for the finally product to cool enough to be able to decorate them. They say every picture tells a story – well what this picture doesn’t tell is that on the end of the icing tube was a small hand, with peeling bright pink nail varnish, with pen marks all over it.  Rest assured that the hands were essentially clean though.

The biscuits actually tasted nice too, and have almost all gone.

Hoping for some good images tomorrow as taking a trip to the great outdoors, weather permitting, so tonight will be spent making a packed lunch and hoping and praying there is somewhere warm to eat it.  Otherwise I have been assured there is a cafe on site which I’m sure will prove useful.

Back up to speed now with posting the blogs on the right day so long may this continue…..



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