Project 365 – Day 9 Budget Day

Budget day has arrived again.  Will he, won’t he – will it make a difference?

Carrying on the “games” theme, I thought I could combine the budget day theme, with another subject I can’t (or wouldn’t want to) escape – Cars!

The Monopoly board seemed to allow me to combine all three of the above in one easy step. Whilst I would have preferred 3 hotels on Mayfair and a loads of money in the bank, probably wiser to stick with the income tax and cars, intertwined as they are in our house.

Obviously if I win the Lottery tonight then I can revisit the board and do the whole Mayfair thing, but until then I will stick to my day job, which today has consisted of cars, slow cookers, coasters, school and a whole load of photocopying! My days are nothing if not varied.  Oh, yes, and the obligatory catch up over a mug of hot chocolate!

See you tomorrow…….


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